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j_handall, 16 years old, from United States


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m_hayens2020, 6 days ago
I feel bad for you Jacob that you have to go through this. I know you are not a pedo man and I’m sorry this guy is harassing you
sdsdfd22, 6 days ago
yes he is. me and 3 of my other friends caught him. stfu haynens
m_hayens2020, 6 days ago
I have this dude added and he isn’t a pedo. He really is 16 guys
j_handall, 6 days ago
One u didn’t get me removed. Two I ain’t a pedo. U have zero evidence and r making absurd claims. And honestly idc anymore. Say what u want little shit. If u find this fun keep doing it. I will enjoy the ppl who have added me and know I’m 16. I’m done with ur stupidity
cdffdsf32, 6 days ago
ole nonce. it wont work. we got your removed before and we will again. u fat ass pedo

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